Linux Kernel Build Flavour

Oniro Project Linux build flavour is based on oniro-linux distribution (distro configuration).

Supported images:

  • oniro-image-base

  • oniro-image-base-tests

  • oniro-image-extra

  • oniro-image-extra-tests

Supported machines (default in bold):

  • qemux86-64

  • qemux86

  • qemuarm

  • qemuarm64

  • seco-intel-b68 (SECO SBC-B68)

  • seco-imx8mm-c61-2gb (SECO SBC-C61 2GB DRAM)

  • seco-imx8mm-c61-4gb (SECO SBC-C61 4GB DRAM)

Build steps example:

$ TEMPLATECONF=../oniro/flavours/linux . ./oe-core/oe-init-build-env build-oniro-linux
$ bitbake oniro-image-base

You can test the image built for the qemux86-64 target by issuing:

$ runqemu qemux86-64 oniro-image-base wic ovmf

After successful bootup, you will be dropped into a login shell:

qemux86-64 login:

Default login is root without a password.

After login you will see the shell prompt:


To exit qemu, you can either shut down the system:

root@qemux86:~# poweroff -f

or close qemu using a key combination: Ctrl-a followed by ‘x’.