Build System Visual Customizations

Weston Dynamic Configuration

The build exposes mechanism to tweak weston configuration through build variables. These variables can be provided as part of any configuration (eg. local.conf, distro.conf).

The mechanism is enabled by setting WESTON_DYNAMIC_INI to 1. Any of the following variables will be ignored if this variable is not set to 1. The configuration file path can also be set via a variable: WESTON_INI_PATH. The default value of WESTON_INI_PATH should be fine for most of the cases.

Additional variable to be used in conjunction with WESTON_DYNAMIC_INI:

  • WESTON_INI_NO_TOOLBAR - remove the shell panel when set to 1

  • Configuration for shell background * WESTON_INI_BACKGROUND_IMAGE - sets shell.background-image accordingly * WESTON_INI_BACKGROUND_COLOR - sets shell.background-color accordingly * WESTON_INI_BACKGROUND_TYPE - sets shell.background-type accordingly

Epiphany Support for Application Mode

Epiphany is one of the browsers supported by the build meta-data. It provides a webkitgtk-based browser.

The build exposes the ability to run the browser as a system service in application mode. This can be easily configurable and extended via the build metadata and variables.

Available variables:

  • EPIPHANY_APP - the application name

  • EPIPHANY_URL - the URL to be used when browser starts

  • EPIPHANY_RDEPENDS - additional dependencies needed at runtime

  • EPIPHANY_SERVICE_ENABLED - when set to 1, build system will enable the systemd service for starting at boot

The build system provides support for using this mechanism with HomeAssistant. See this support as an example for how to implement a custom application mode for Epiphany.