A dynamic combination of programming languages’ services and quick text editing gives Oniro IDE its power. In this topic we will give an overview of a few code navigation features which can be explored when you right click on a symbol (variable, function, method, class, etc.).

Go to Definition

The “Go to Definition” feature is a code navigation tool that allows you to quickly navigate to the definition of a particular symbol in your codebase. This feature is commonly used to explore the implementation or declaration of functions, classes, variables, methods, and other code entities. You can do this by Ctrl+Click as with other IDEs or Ctrl+F11.

Go to Type Definition

This feature specifically deals with navigating to the type definition of a symbol. It is useful in statically-typed languages where you might want to see the type information associated with a variable or entity.

Go to Symbol

Alt text This allows you to quickly navigate to symbols (ie. variables, functions, classes..etc) within your file.

Go to Implementations

The “Go to Implementations” feature allows you to quickly jump to the implementations of a particular function, method, or interface in your codebase. This feature is particularly useful in languages that support interfaces, classes, or methods with multiple implementations.

If you want to see all the places where a particular method or function is implemented, “Find All Implementations” is useful for a more comprehensive overview.

Find All References

This is a code analysis tool that allows you to locate all occurrences or references to a particular symbol (variable, function, method, class, etc.) within your codebase. Its purpose is to provide developers with a comprehensive overview of where a specific symbol is used throughout their project.


This is a special feature that allows developers to quickly view the definition or implementation of a symbol inline without navigating away from the current code file to avoid context switching.

You can navigate between different references in the peeked editor and make quick edits right there.