OpenHarmony Mirror

The Eclipse Oniro project offers a complete GitHub-hosted mirror of the OpenHarmony project, originally hosted at Gitee. One-way synchronization of changes from Gitee to GitHub is performed once a day.

The reason for this mirror is the increased speed and reliability it offers to the Eclipse Oniro project and its developers. We encourage using it to avoid disconnects during sync and slow download speeds for developers working outside of China. In addition to speed and reliability it also allows for streamlining the process of forking and merging within GitHub and its large user base.

To ensure these mirrors are consistently up-to-date, a synchronization CI workflow is executed every 24 hours to incorporate the latest changes from Gitee into the existing repositories, as well as mirroring newly created repositories.

For those involved in active development or wishing to contribute, please visit the Eclipse Oniro for OpenHarmony GitHub organization. This is where a fork of the manifest and newly created add-ons are being developed. The mirror itself is read-only and no changes from GitHub will be merged into it.