This page describes a Quick start contribution guide for new developers who would like to join the Oniro project.

Setting up

Creating an account on Eclipse

Head to the Eclipse foundation website and set up an account by entering your:

  • Email
  • Username
  • Full name
  • Organization
  • Password
  • Country

Then read and check the box to agree to Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Code of Conduct. When you complete that, follow the instructions sent to your email to activate the account.

Signing the ECA

In order to contribute to the you need to sign the Eclipse Contributor Agreement, which describes the terms under which you can contribute to the project.

If you sign this ECA, you confirm your legal rights to submit the code to the project. You also provide license to your contributions to Eclipse and specified users, however you still own your contributions.

GitHub Account

To contribute to Oniro your regular GitHub account can be used. If you do not have one already, head to GitHub and create one.