Please make sure that your system follows the Theia development prerequisites.


The IDE can be built & run in your browser, or as a packaged desktop application using Electron. You can build both browser and electron application by running the following script:

yarn compile
yarn download:plugins


To start the browser application you need to run:

yarn browser start

And similarly for the electron application:

yarn electron start


To continuously compile the written TypeScript code, run the respective commands for your runtime:

yarn browser watch


yarn electron watch

Running in Docker container

Install docker.

To create oniro-ide docker image:

docker build -t oniro-ide .

To start oniro-ide-container container:

docker run -dp 3000:3000 --name oniro-ide-container oniro-ide

When you open the browser at http://localhost:3000/ you will see the browser version of the IDE.

Creating and Running a Project

create-project To create a new project navigate to Project from the menu tab and click New Project. From the pop-up window select the folder where you want to save your project and give your project a name. Finally select the hardware chip of your choice, click Next and Finish. This creates a new project workspace for your development.

To open your project, navigate to File -> Open... from the menu tab, navigate to your project’s location, and click Open. This will open your project as you can see down in the Explorer.

From here on out you can add files/folders using the Explorer pane or use tools such as npm package manager to help you create projects.

So far you can develop projects in the IDE in a plethora of languages. However, building and running project is still under construction.